Liturgy Ministry

The Liturgy Ministry Committee seeks to facilitate and enrich worship and worship life here at Corpus Christ Church during the occasions when we can celebrate ourselves as the Body of Christ. We share in these communal moments of worship at weekend liturgies, seasonal liturgies, Advent and Lenten reconciliation services, and celebrations of baptism, first communion, confirmation, healing, and other sacraments of the Church.

Members of the Liturgy Ministry Committee reflect the broad make-up of Corpus Christi parishioners and share a common interest and commitment to service to Word and Sacrament. They willingly offer their time and talent as lay liturgical ministers whether as lectors, leaders of intercessions, extraordinary eucharistic ministers, or greeters and ushers at liturgy; facilitators of Children’s Liturgy of the Word; stewards of liturgical supplies, resources, and environment; or liturgy coordinators and planners.

The Liturgical Ministry Committee also recognizes the special gifts of the music ministry in the worship life of the parish. As such, it supports the men and women who generously provide song and music for our weekend liturgies, Advent and Lenten rites, and other sacramental celebrations that are essential to the life of the parish.

The committee seeks to identify men and women in the parish who are interested in assisting with liturgy planning and who have the time to devote to any of the ministries named above. It meets regularly once a month and at special planning meetings for the seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter. It also provides training and ongoing formation for the various liturgical roles that lay people are able to fulfill.

Please refer to this page if you are interested in information relating to:

• Mass readings for Sundays of the year (this includes mass readings for Saturday vigil masses)
• Serving as a lector, leader of intercessions, extraordinary communion minister, or a member of   the music ministry
• Workshops and schedules for liturgical ministers
• Special ongoing educational and formational opportunities for liturgical ministers