Children’s Liturgy of the Word

The Children’s Liturgy of the Word is conducted by parents and other interested parishioners every Sunday throughout the school year for children ages 3 to first grade, in the church sacristy during the 10:30 Mass. The leader creates an interactive atmosphere to enhance the children’s understanding of the scripture passages of the day and to evoke conversation and responses from them. Activities such as drawing or singing may be used. After the opening rite in church, the children gather at the altar while the leader receives the Children’s Lectionary from the celebrant. All are blessed as the entire congregation sings “Open our ears, open our hearts, open our lives to you, O Lord” to signify that everyone, not just the children, are about to be nourished by God’s Word. The children’s time follows the order of Mass that is occurring in the main church until they rejoin their families at the Offertory. This ministry requires a commitment of only two or three Sundays in a five-month cycle. We always welcome new leaders who will experience the satisfaction of seeing our children grow in God’s Word.