Announcements From our pastor 10.16.22

Dear Parishioners,

This past week I was up in Pennsylvania for the Archdiocesan Priests Convocation.  Well over 100 priests were in attendance.  As I get older, I find that I know less and less of the younger priests.  In fact, of the list that we were given, I knew just 50 of the priests that were listed.  So, it was good for me to be there and mingle with those I did not know well or at all.  Overall, the several days were very good – the presenter was excellent, and the venue was amazing.  Thanks for giving me the opportunity to get away.


Fr. Marty

Advent Planning Meeting

Advent is just around the corner – our parish Planning Meeting will take place on Tuesday, October 18th, beginning at 7 pm in the Large Meeting Room of the rectory.  Please feel free to join the Liturgy Committee members for the session.

Urban Vicariate Meeting

There will be an Urban Vicariate meeting on Tuesday, October 18th beginning at 12:30 pm at St. Matthew’s.  The pastor will be attending.

Finance Meeting

The October Finance Meeting will take place on Wednesday, October 19th beginning at 7:00 pm.  It will take place via ZOOM.  Andy Frake will send out the info for signing on.

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