Announcements From Our Pastor 4.24.22

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Alleluia!  Alleluia!  We have just celebrated the Passion, Death and the Resurrection of Jesus and now we find ourselves in the Easter Season.  This will continue until June 5th.  Yes, the Easter season lasts for 50 days each year.  So, let us continue to lift up our voices in praise of the God who loves all of us – no matter who we may be!  Let us always sing our alleluias! 

Many Thanks

Heartfelt thanks to all who worked so hard to help us to celebrate the Holy Week and Easter liturgies.  Thanks go out to the Liturgy Committee – under the leadership of Cyndi Tifft; sincere thanks go out to all our Liturgical musicians, especially, Anita Hampson—all under the leadership of Dan Meyer; grateful thanks to the Environment Committee and all who assisted with our liturgical décor – under the leadership of Sally Perrin; grateful thanks to all our ZOOM crews – your faithfulness helped so many to worship with us; special thanks to our Liturgical Ministers who assisted this year. Many thanks to all!!

Certainly, we cannot forget our parishioners and our friends who supported and worshipped with us in-person and on ZOOM.  Many thanks for your presence and your generosity!   Have a blessed Easter Season!


Fr. Marty

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