Announcements From Our Interim Pastor, Deacon Andrew Lacovara 2.6.22

Dear Corpus Christi,

The Archdiocese reached out last week to inform our community that the investigation of the pastor is on-going, and its resolution does not appear imminent.  I had hoped that the parish could, in the next weeks and months, discern next steps towards growth and towards revitalization of ministries while having some certainty about parish leadership in the medium and longer term. Even if this last component is not in place, I believe some self-assessment would be healthy and welcome, and I think that the parish’s participation in the synodal process provides a natural means towards this.

As some of you may recall from earlier discussions, Pope Francis has asked the Church, at the parish, diocesan, and universal levels to engage in reflection in three areas; communion, participation, and mission. More information can be found here There are also cards in the back of the church with information about the process and its goals. At our parish, we can meet to discuss what the parish, Archdiocese, and Church are doing well and identify areas where the each of these is failing to live up to its stated calling and goals. My hope is to have a virtual town hall later this month to have comments and suggestions aired and heard. Parishioners are also welcome to send reflections and comments to me directly. After our meeting, we will compile a summary of our discernment, and any individual insights parishioners would want conveyed, to the Archdiocese to contribute to its input at the synod itself next year. I appreciate your prayerful participation in this important opportunity.


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