Announcements From Our Interim Pastor, Deacon Andrew Lacovara 11/28/21

Dear Corpus Christi,

Last weekend, I spent forty hours in the desert Southwest,
where I had the joy and privilege of baptizing my nephew’s son
and niece’s daughter. It was a delight, but as the generations
stack up, I do feel a bit aged. Please keep Elizabeth Jane,
Andrew Theodore, and their families in your prayers.

With me out of town and Fr. Patrick under the weather, Kristen
Bowden, our director of religious education, presided at a
communion service in the absence of a priest, with the help of
my wife, Avendui, and Dr. Pat Fosarelli willingly reflecting on
our Scriptures. I am grateful to each of them. It comes as no
surprise in this parish or in this Church (in which Mary
Magdelene was, of course, the “apostle to the apostles”) that
such a cohort would step in/up to minister to their fellow
disciples. I see it as, again, a sign of the resilience of this
community and its commitment to put its gifts in the service of
others. Another reason for gratitude.


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