Announcements from Our Interim Pastor, Deacon Andrew Lacovara 9/26/2021

Dear Corpus Christi,

In a bit of internet magic, my wife Avendui and I were able to participate in the liturgy from distant shores this Sunday while we were on a long-delayed vacation overseas.

It was truly beautiful to watch Felix’s baptism and to listen to Deacon Fritz’s homily (which, as usual, was both humbling and inspiring). As faith formation re-started within our new normal and the numbers of in-person Mass attendees swelled, the importance of the intentional community that Corpus Christi creates and manifests was brought home to me yet again in a truly visceral way. As I have (perhaps ad nauseam) mentioned previously, the communal nature of our faith is a key one. I feel truly blessed to be, in some small way, responsible for accompanying each of you on your journey of discipleship, even as I am more and more grateful for the companionship you offer me as I struggle to those same goals.

I very much look forward to worshipping with you in person again soon.


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