Announcements From Our Interim Administrator, Deacon Andrew Lacovara 8/29/21

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

If there was ever a school year that needed to begin with
prayer, this is it. Fortunately, you’re in the right place. At this
coming Sunday’s Mass, Fr. Patrick will offer the “Blessing of
the Backpacks” for our new and returning students. I am
similarly keeping school children, teachers, and parents in
prayer as another unusual academic year commences. May
students grow in their knowledge and gifts, may teachers
continue to foster them, and may parents model how to share
what is gained in school for the good of others.

Separately, I wanted to share a note from Michelle and Sergio
Mendes, whose son Luca was baptized last weekend here.
Thank you for allowing us to celebrate Luca’s baptism and the
beginning of his faith journey in a place so special to our

All of us are blessed to belong to a vibrant community,
welcoming and eager to share the joy of the Gospel with


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