Announcements From Our Interim Admin, Deacon Andrew Lacovara 6/13/2021

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

It was wonderful to celebrate the parish feast day with so many of you last Sunday and to kick off the Year of the Eucharist with what I hope you found to be a meaningful liturgy. I continue to be very grateful to Fr. Patrick Besel for being a warm and steady presence for our worshipping community.

Many of you continue to ask after our pastor. I typically see Fr. Marty weekly, and he is, considering the circumstances, doing well, although somewhat frustrated by the indeterminate length of the investigation and the necessary silence from the Archdiocese during it. About that, I can empathize, even as we understand why this needs to be the case. Fr. Marty is extremely grateful for all the many gestures of support he has received.

Please continue to pray for all those engaged in and affected by the process and that we are closer to its end than its beginning.


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