Announcements from Our Interim Admin, Deacon Andrew Lacovara 5/23/2021

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

I know that we are all buoyed by the improving pandemic-related public health metrics. The Archdiocese has responded by allowing greater capacities at liturgies, permitting congregational singing, and making other steps towards returning public worship to something like it was in the “beforetimes.” For this, we should thank God.

Each of us has different perception of and tolerance for risk (both for ourselves and our families), and there are those whose situations may continue to make them justifiably cautious about returning to Mass in person.  This is an important moment, however, for all to discern if the time to come back to Mass has arrived or is at least near. While we continue to try to improve the on-line experience, recall that it is was always a temporary substitute for participating in the liturgy in, literally, all dimensions. As mentioned, the gathered assembly is one the primary ways Christ is present at the Mass.

Know of my deep appreciation for all who join us, by whatever means, and who continue to support the parish, even if they are not yet returning to worship in our beautiful church. I do look forward to more and more of us being able to praise God and receive Christ in the Eucharist together.


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