Announcements From Deacon Andrew Lacovara 5/9/21

Dear sisters and brothers,

What a joy to have so many in church for Zacharius’ first Communion.  I am grateful for all who joined in person and online for the Mass and to those who shared in the discussion afterwards. I hope it was the beginning of some healing. Similarly, I hope that, as health trends around the pandemic improve, more and more of you will return to worship in our magnificent church.

In a recent conversation with a parishioner, we discussed the parish’s ministry to the elderly and homebound. If you would like to have the Eucharist brought to you, know anyone who does, or are interested in participating in this ministry, please contact me. Establishing and maintaining the connection between the parish and those unable to attend the liturgy are vital and profound functions in our community.

Thank you, again, to all who continue to support the parish, one another, and me during this time of flux.


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