Announcements From Deacon Andrew Lacovara 5/2/21

Dear sisters and brothers,

It was a joy to celebrate the Eucharist with you over the last two weeks and what a blessing that Fr. Patrick Besel will be able to preside at the Sunday Mass for the foreseeable future. As a reminder, Fr. Marty remains the pastor, even while he is currently unable to perform some of those functions. I spoke with the him earlier this week, and he is doing well and deeply appreciative of the prayers and support offered his behalf.

My role as temporary administrator is to tend, with the support of the staff and a slew of volunteers, to the day to day logistics of parish operations, including financial and sacramental. We will be scheduling soon some information sessions for the parish to discuss the current situation and to address any questions or concerns there may be.

We all very much look forward to welcoming Zacharias Reinhart to the table of the Lord this coming Sunday as he makes his first Communion. Congratulations and blessing to him and his family.

As always, reach out for anything I might be able to do for any of you.


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