Announcements From Deacon Andrew Lacovara 5/16/21

 Dear sisters and brothers,

This Sunday we will be blessing graduates. Like much of their studies this year, this blessing will likely be remote for most of them.  Regardless, it is a powerful moment to recognize in gratitude their accomplishments, as well as the dedication and commitment of the parents, teachers, and friends who have guided these graduates. We also seek God’s support for them as they discern or begin next steps, either educationally or professionally.

My wife and I this week will be attending the college graduation of our younger son. Some of you may remember Dexter as a frequent, if not always enthusiastic altar server, and, before that, him banging around in the pews and occasionally snoring his way through the Easter Vigil Mass. Avendui and I know that it was the grace of God and the love of various communities, not least this one, that fortified him through his scholastic and other endeavors. For this we are most appreciative, as we join you in thanking God for that same strength and encouragement shown to all of our graduates. Grateful for the past and expectant for the future, I offer my blessing as well.


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