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Living as Stewards of God’s Grace
As each one has received a gift,
use it to serve one another
as good stewards of God's varied grace.

1 Peter 4:10


What is Stewardship?

How Can I Contribute?

How Much Should I Give?

Recent Financial Statements & Offertory Information


What Is Stewardship?

Merriam-Webster defines stewardship as “the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care.” From the beginning of time, God has entrusted all of creation to us. Jesus himself left us with one final command: love one another. In the context of a community of faith, then, stewardship means far more than supporting the collection at mass. It means caring for one another by offering the gifts and blessings that have been entrusted to us as individuals and as a community. It means offering others our time, talent, and treasure, as we, in turn, receive the same from them.

Each of us has something to offer in the way of time, talent, and treasure. Contributing those gifts not only supports the parish, but engages us in the life of the faith community. Faithful stewardship moves us beyond obligation to sharing in a community that serves our needs as well as the needs of others.


How Can I Contribute?

There are any number of ways that we can be faithful stewards of our community.

Here are just a few:


MEMBERSHIP: Tell Stories about Corpus Christi

Next to the presence of God, people are our most important resource at Corpus Christi. Our life and spirit will always depend on the presence of people who find us an affirming and inspiring community within the Body of Christ. In addition to offering your own time, talent, and treasure, consider how you might share your experience of Corpus Christi with someone else. Studies demonstrate that most individuals join a faith community because someone they know invites them to do so. If you have found life-giving joy in the Spirit’s presence at Corpus Christi, why keep it to yourself? Share stories about Corpus Christi with family members, friends, neighbors, and colleagues. You never know what effect those stories might have.


TIME: Volunteer for a Parish Ministry

The parish is always in need of members who can generously volunteer their time by serving on committees, undertaking liturgical ministries, visiting the sick and homebound, helping at our community center, answering the phone and door at the parish office, or participating in many other ways. Please review our ministry brochure for specific ideas, and contact one of our parish leaders to get involved.


TALENT: Offer a Special Skill

Are you an accountant? a computer wiz? a cook? We need you and many others who have unique skills to offer, from technical ability to gracious personality. Examine your own talents, discover where you excel, and then offer that gift to us. If you are unsure about how your particular talent can benefit our community, contact one of our parish leaders. We’ll find a way for you to support the parish community and others with that gift.


TREASURE: Make Monetary or In-Kind Gifts

The parish receives monetary support in a number of ways.

The offertory, or first collection at mass, is the most typical way of supporting the church. This collection is the primary means by which the parish pays its salaries, utilities, and other operating expenses. It is the most crucial means of supporting the parish, because operating expenses account for 80% of our overall budget. We ask that you reflect on your ability to contribute to the parish financially and then pledge a consistent level of support for a period of time. You may make your donations weekly, monthly, or annually. We encourage you to receive and to use envelopes in your offertory giving, or to use your bank’s automatic payment service, for it helps us in our own financial planning.


Our second collection, unless otherwise announced, supports our social outreach ministries. Again, we encourage you to consider a consistent level of giving to this collection, and we provide envelopes for that purpose, as well. Our Food Program is often in need of in-kind gifts, such as sandwiches, soup, and other supplies. Watch the bulletin for special requests.


There are always opportunities to support the parish through special gifts, mass stipends, and flower memorials. You may make particular gifts of such items as liturgical vestments, office supplies, or other articles of need by either giving the actual item itself to the parish or by designating monetary gifts for their purchase. Occasionally, these gifts are offered in memory of a deceased loved one. You may also request that masses be offered for special intentions or for deceased individuals. At Christmas and Easter, you can help fund the purchase of flowers and liturgical supplies in memory of loved ones. Through our Alternate Giving Program, you can make gifts to our community center, our sister parish in Guatemala, the church sanctuary, the maintenance of our buildings, or our parish endowment in honor of a living or deceased person. You can then send that person or a member of the family a card acknowledging the gift.

Our facilities – church, rectory, school building – are maintained through capital accounts, such as the Corpus Christi - Jenkins Memorial Historical Trust, an independent nonprofit that exists solely for the preservation of our three parish buildings. Contributions to this account is exempt from the archdiocesan tax. Finally, there is also the possibility of planned giving, in which you include the parish in your estate planning. Planned giving offers many individuals, especially those whose current income may be limited, to support the parish in the distribution of their estate.


How Much Should I Give?

The level of giving, of course, varies according to each individual’s means.


Different people use a variety of measures. The traditional biblical tithe (cf. Lev. 27:30; Num. 18:21-24; Deut. 14:22-29) sets the level of charitable giving at 10% of your income (before taxes!). The Catholic Church interprets the tithe as setting aside 5% of your income for church related ministries and 5% for other charitable purposes. While this is a noble goal indeed, studies indicate that Catholics in the United States offer only about 2% of their income to support their church.


At Corpus Christi, current giving patterns might also offer guidance in terms of the level of your own giving.

Click here for our most recent Offertory Brochure, which provides information about these giving patterns.