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The Pastoral Council is a consultative body that assists the pastor in the discernment of matters relating to the life and mission of the Corpus Christi community. It acts as a representative voice of the people of the parish through open and honest communication with them.  Its role is to advise the pastor on all matters of the parish—either those that the pastor brings to the Council or those that the Council raises on its own initiative.  The Council generally does not run any particular ministry, but aims to focus on the overall ministry of the parish and to actively encourage the assumption of ministries by the people of the parish


Each autumn the Council sponsors an Annual Meeting of the entire parish and may organize other gatherings that it deems helpful to listen to the concerns of parishioners.  The Council addresses the parish on matters of importance.


Each year in May, the community elects four parishioners to the Council and the pastor appoints two.  Elected members serve for two years and may extend their term to a third year if they so choose.  Appointed members serve only two years.


The Council generally meets on the first Monday of each month from September through June.  The Executive Committee, which is composed of the President, Vice President, the two Secretaries and the pastor, meets one additional time each month during this same period and at any other time deemed necessary.