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We who gather at Corpus Christi are called into the Body of Christ. Alone we acknowledge our incompleteness; together we experience our wholeness as a people of God. Our journey of faith opens us up to opportunities for collaborative ministry, the pursuit of justice, and the celebration of our diversity. Strengthened by the Spirit, we accept our calling to be a church that affirms the grace of our baptism into Christ's death and resurrection. We acknowledge that we share in the transformation of the world through Eucharist, reconciliation, and prophetic witness to God's justice and peace.

In discernment of our particular calling as a parish community, here and now, we take up these challenges:

 To be good news for one another, for the communities to which we are joined, near and far, and for the stranger in our midst, always looking for opportunities to be hospitable and supportive;
 To worship with prayer and purpose, celebrating our communion in Christ through life-giving liturgy and collaborative ministry that encourage full and active participation by all;
 To nurture in one another a deep and responsive faith through programs of education and spiritual formation that inspire Christian witness at all stages of life;
 To extend ourselves in service to each other, to the wider community, and to the world through personal and communal acts of justice and mercy;
 To care for and cultivate all that God has entrusted to us by the wise and generous use of our resources of time, talent, and treasure.

This is our calling. With Christ, may we become the bread that is broken and the wine that is poured. May we live out our mission "not halfheartedly but with conscientiousness and an eager spirit" (Romans 12: 11); so that, when we gather to remember, we may truly call ourselves the Body of Christ, Corpus Christi.

Approved & adopted by the Pastoral Council - 5 November 2001