Announcements From Our Pastor 5.1.22

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

During this joyous Easter season, the parish and our community have another reason to be joyful and to celebrate – for this Sunday, May 1st, Luke DiBello will receive his First Communion at the 10:30 am Mass. Certainly, I am sure that all of us can remember the first time we received Jesus in Holy Communion.  I know that I do!  So please join with me as we pray for Luke and his family on this very special occasion!


Fr. Marty



Congratulations go out to Benjamin Sparklin and Shannon Cole who were married at Corpus Christi on April 24.  Grace and Blessings be upon them as they enter into married life!

Heartfelt Thanks

While I was away from the parish last year and earlier this year, Deacon Andrew Lacovara was in charge.  I want to thank him for all the work that he did in the parish and for the parish.  It certainly is most appreciated by me.  And he continues to assist me with items right now – to help me learn how to do this or that thing electronically. Again, heartfelt thanks Deacon Andrew

– Fr. Marty Demek

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