Announcements From Our Interim Pastor, Deacon Andrew Lacovara 2.20.22

Dear Corpus Christi,

In under two weeks we will begin the holy season of Lent, an opportunity through prayer and action to recommit ourselves to God’s call to us to be disciples and to live the Gospel.

At 12:10 on Ash Wednesday, we will have a service and distribution of ashes in the church, and at 7 pm that evening, there will be an ecumenical service at Memorial Episcopal, at 1407 Bolton Street in the neighborhood, at which I will be offering the homily. The churches in the neighborhood are also discussing a recurring Wednesday evening service (perhaps vespers) throughout Lent, rotating among the houses of worship. The evening Ash Wednesday service, and any subsequent services, should be available to participate in on-line, and we will provide those details when we have them.

It is never too early to begin discerning what will make this penitential part of the year most fruitful for you, but I hope that we will all see it is as the opportunity that it is to grow closer to the God who calls to us and to grow nearer to our sisters and brothers in the Body of Christ.


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