Announcements From Our Interim Pastor, Deacon Andrew Lacovara 1.30.22

Dear Corpus Christi,

It’s never ideal when one feels as if the same message can be copied and pasted and still be applicable, but that is the sentiment I am experiencing as, pray God, we see the current (last? penultimate?) Covid wave crest and dissipate. As I have mentioned before, I am particularly sympathetic towards parents of children too young to be vaccinated. As the metrics slowly improve and even the winter days lengthen, I remain optimistic that we are truly moving towards something better.

While the streaming Mass has been improved (with the help of an extraordinary group of volunteers whom we should all thank), it remains my hope that more and more persons will return to worshipping at church as the preferred and more appropriate option in the weeks and months to come. The liturgies and the space are so beautiful, it is always a joy to share them with as many of you as possible. Similarly, to meet for hospitality after Mass, and see faces familiar and new (or at least portions of those faces), reminds me of the strength and vitality of this community. I look forward to seeing more smiles (or just smiling eyes) in brighter days ahead.


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