Announcements from Our Interim Pastor, Deacon Andrew Lacovara 10/3/2021

Dear Corpus Christi,

As mentioned last Sunday at Mass, it now appears the status of our pastor will not be determined until the beginning of November, at the earliest. I know this is unwelcome news, not least of all for Fr. Marty. I continue to see him regularly, and parishioners should feel free to reach out to him to offer prayers or other support, understanding that he may not respond.

With the pastor’s ongoing leave of absence, some additional annual duties which I had selfishly hoped to avoid will fall to me. In the coming weeks, I will update you in some detail on the solid financial condition the parish continues to enjoy based on your enduring generosity and, relatedly, we will begin working towards the in-pew “Our Path Forward” Archdiocesan-wide offertory program. This will provide an opportunity to discern the frequency and level of your financial support of the parish.

In the meantime, we will continue to benefit from Fr. Patrick’s presiding at the Sunday Eucharist and his availability to hear confessions. On this latter point, please reach out to me so that I can coordinate these on his behalf. I cannot properly express my gratitude for your constant good humor and support. I look forward to worshipping with you more frequently in the months to come.


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