Announcements From Our Interim Admin, Deacon Andrew Lacovara 6/20/2021

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Fathers’ day gives us a moment to reflect on the relationships we are gifted to have. To be loved and mentor, and to love and mentor is to experience God’s grace and participate, in a small way, in the divine love that is always selfless and sacrificial.

St. Cyprian reminds us of something on which I often reflect: our faith is not solely or primarily an individual pursuit, but has a critical communal aspect. He notes that Christ instructed us not to pray to “my Father,” or to ask for “my daily bread.” We are, instead, invited into the plural. We are reared and then, in turn, raise others.  In a range of relationships, we are nourished and nourish. From the nominally traditional family to the fictive, we are asked and tasked to journey in faith as family.

Blessing on all those charged with the role of Christian parent, guardian, or mentor. May they find joy among the inevitable struggles and strength from the Father, giver of all life, human and divine.


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