Announcements From Our Pastor 3/11/21

Dear Parishioners, 

This week the Church rejoices – for the season of Lent is almost over and the coming celebration is coming nearer. This weekend is Laetare Sunday – Rejoice Sunday. For that reason, the Church puts aside its purple vestments and puts on rose ones.

However, a year ago, we could not rejoice – for the pandemic hit us on this weekend. Everything was closed completely. But we can rejoice somewhat this year since there are now 3 vaccines available and numbers are going down. 

We must never forget those men, women and children who have died because of Covid-19. We need to pray for them and for their families. We need to pray for all medical personnel who continue to work so hard to contain the virus.    May we soon see an end to this pandemic and then truly rejoice in the Lord!             

Fr. Marty

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