Announcements From Our Pastor 1/21/21

Dear Parishioners, 

The parish, you may remember, at one time had a Catholic school. It was closed in the 1970’s. When that happened, it was merged with several other schools to form the Father Charles Hall School. In 2010, that school was closed and merged with several city schools to become Holy Angels Catholic School.

Our parish has been supporting Holy Angels in many ways – we give them money to help with their staff expenses – over the years, some of our parishioners have volunteered at the school And in the past – pre-pandemic – we had a work day there so as to help them spruce up their property. That is and was all good.Once again, this year we will be sending the school a gift amounting to $10,000.00. So I ask that you please be especially generous in this weekend’s 2nd Collection – as this will help us to defray the expense. Thank you for your generosity and please pray for the principal and staff – for the students and their parents.

And once again, Holy Angels Catholic School and several other schools will be joined together to create the Mother Mary Lange Catholic School which is currently being built along MLK Boulevard. It is scheduled to open later this year or next year when the building is completed.

Fr. Marty

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