Corpus Christi Catholic Church Fiscal 2020 Annual Report


Fiscal 2020 Annual Report

For the Fiscal Year

July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020

A Note from the Pastor

Dear Parishioners,

This past Fiscal year has been a very strange one. It started out somewhat normal up until we reached the month of March, 2020. It was then that Covid-19 began to raise its ugly head. We were informed by the Archdiocese that in-person Masses could not be held. And it was not until Holy Week that we began to televise Mass via Zoom. Now you must remember that from the middle of March through to the end of June, there were no Offertory collections taken up in church.

But thanks be to God, our parishioners responded by sending their checks or their envelopes in through the mail. Those parishioners who used the “Bill Pay” option continued to use it – and so we received their checks weekly or monthly.

All of this has helped with our income – even though it is still somewhat down. However, on the expense side things got worse. Why? We had planned to replace the roofs on the two sacristies – and that cost us a fair amount of money, which was taken from our Savings account and from the Historic Trust. That and the smaller income, unfortunately, has caused us, on paper, to have a huge deficit.

Let me assure you that we have paid and are paying all of our bills. I would simply ask that you continue to send us your donations, or use the “Bill Pay” option or come to our

in-person Mass and place your envelope or donation into the basket.

I pray for all of you that God will protect you and your families from harm and that, someday soon, we might all be able to join together, without fear, around the table of the Lord in our beautiful Corpus Christi Church.


Rev. Martin H. Demek


Stewardship Statistics – 2019 – 2020

Registered Households: 138

Average Offertory Collection (including Christmas and Easter): $ 3,691.42

Average Outreach Collection: $645.68

Number of Baptisms: 7

Number of First Communions: 0 – coronavirus

Number of Confirmations: 0 – coronavirus

Number of Marriages: 7

Number of Funerals: 2

Operations Financial Report

(excluding Outreach Ministries)

INCOME                                                  FY 20 Actual                      FY 20 Budget

Offertory -1st Collection*                $  195,645.68                    $ 220,900.00

Donations, Bequests, Stipends**         $ 9,477.00                       $ 20,500.00

Interest                                                           $ 4,655.44                          $ 34,500.00

Diocesan Collections                                   $ 3,847.75                            $ 4,000.00

Special Collections                                       $ 2,429.50                             $ 2,000.00

Faith Formation Income                             $ 2,100.00                             $ 3,650.00

Benefit Income                                               $ .00                                         $ .00

Rental Property Income                            $  81,441.08                         $ 82,420.00

Poor Box***                                                 $ 64,984.11                          $ 76,000.00

Miscellaneous****                                        $  1,042.86                           $ 650.00


                                                                        $  365,623.42                    $ 444,620.00

*Includes Christmas and Easter

**Includes Wedding Stipends

***Includes 2nd Collection, Poor Box, Donations from Resurrection Parish

****Includes Votive and Catholic Review


Facilities Costs – Gas, Water, Sewer,     $ 114,163.38                        $ 129,364.00

Electric Repairs, Rent, Insurance


Administration Costs                                     $ 21,395.41                       $ 33,800.00          

Worship Expense                                            $ 11,332.15                         $ 12,800.00

Specific Operating Areas Expense –     $ 54,498.88                      $ 71,650.00

  –Rental Property Exp., Votive,

     Catholic   Review, Poor Box,

     Diocesan Coll. Remitted

Labor – Salaries                                             $ 103,967.16                     $ 100,627.00

Employees Benefits Expenses                  $ 32,534.51                       $ 41,305.40

Faith Formation Costs                                    $ 2,538.42                          $ 5,750.00

School and Cathedraticum Tax                 $ 50,517.04                        $ 47,000.00


                                                                           $ 390,946.95                   $ 442,296.40   

OPERATING SURPLUS (DEFICIT)          $  -25,323.53                     $ 2,323.60


Annual Appeal Rebates – 2019                  $ 6,535.27                          $ 12,827.25

Investment Income – Non-Operating

     IPLF Interest – Social Outreach             $ 520.47                           $ 361.04

     IPLF Interest – EOM Campaign             $ 211.10                              $ 146.44

           TOTAL Interest Income                      $ 731.57                               $ 507.48

Unrealized Gain/Loss – Investment          $ -10,042.97                        $ 11,748.60

TOTAL OTHER INCOME                                 $ – 2,776.13                         $ 25,083.33


Extraordinary Repairs                                      $ 67,294.80                            

Capital Expenditures                                                                                     $ 32,000.00

Capital Expenditures                                                                                        $ 1,800.00

TOTAL Expenses                                                $ 67,294.80                         $ 33,800.00

NET OTHER INCOME                                        $ -70,070.93                       $ -8,716.67

NET INCOME/DEFICIT                                     $-95,394.46                        $ -5,671.48 

Fiscal Year 2020 – Outreach Report –July, 2019-June, 2020


$ 25,827.66 – 2nd Collection                                                                  

$ 38,588.45 – Resurrection   

$ 424.00 – Coffee and Chocolate Sales  

$ 144.00 – Restricted Gifts                                     

$ 64,984.11  — Total Income


$14,864.85 – Administration – Salary, Benefits, Miscellaneous, Rent       

$ 10,444.42 – Food Bag Program and Front Door                                            

$ 13,581.37 – Food Cards – Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter                 

$ 500.00 – Donation – St. Francis Neighborhood Center                                         

$ 1,110.00 – Other – Coffee expense – Social Justice Ministry                 

Other Charities   

  $40,490.64 — Total Expense       Money rolled over to new Fiscal Year – $24,493.47

Liturgy Committee Annual Report 2019-2020

Following our annual healing service in October and remembering our beloved dead in November we began the new liturgical year with the Advent theme: What’s the Good Word? We explored themes of peace, justice, joy and trust as we approached the Christmas liturgies with joy and gratitude.  Monthly reflections by wise parishioners from the community added different perspectives and gave Marty a break from preaching each and every Sunday.  We celebrated with family and friends the dawning of a new year and a new decade.  Then, only a few Sundays into our Lenten theme “Salvation Stories: Our Stories, the world changed and Corpus Christi liturgy with it.  With quarantine from COVID-19 the liturgy committee needed to become more creative and with thanks to Sean and Shannon Bray we were called to worship in a new way, virtually on Zoom. 

Kudos to Marty and brave parishioners who, when worship in person was not possible, barely skipped a beat and ventured into an empty church to set up a computer that would link the community together for Triduum and the Easter Sunday liturgies!  We lit the Easter candle(s) together from the security of our own homes, received the sprinkling rite from our own bowls and celebrated each other as we passed the peace virtually in “gallery mode” to parishioners who were quarantined near and far.  Our reach extended regularly all the way to India.

We celebrated Pentecost, our feast day of Corpus Christi, and blessed graduates all remotely.  In early summer we were permitted to return to in person worship, yet some, for very good reasons, were not able to do so.  Corpus Christi rose to the challenge.  With what I think is unique in the archdiocese of Baltimore we reinvented our community by combining in person liturgy with those on zoom.  Lectors and those offering prayers were a mix of in person and zoomers and Marty was careful to acknowledge both “congregations” in the Eucharistic liturgy.  The combined number of participants, in person and virtual, has been similar to those in church in years past and our offertory has not suffered as parishioners have remained faithful to supporting the parish.  This could not have been done in a larger parish where virtual church meant just watching passively as others participated.  As the pandemic continues to impose restrictions on travel and gatherings, the community of Corpus Christi remains strong in its commitment to life-giving liturgies in a hybrid model that respects individual need yet empowers all of us to be the body of Christ, Corpus Christi. 

Respectfully submitted,

Cyndi Tifft,

Liturgy Chair

2019-2020 Annual Report- Faith Formation

The 2019-2020 Faith Formation year began with a backpack blessing for students of all ages and grades.  Classes for grades Kindergarten through eighth grade began on September 22nd, scheduled for 23 sessions on Sunday mornings from 9:15 until 10:15 AM.  We had 32 students from 21 families taught by a team of 7 dedicated catechists.  Classes were held at Midtown Academy and in the parish rectory.  Students in Kindergarten through eighth grade used Pflaum’s Gospel Weeklies, a liturgically based program.  Our Sacrament texts included God’s Gift:  Eucharist, Adaptive First Eucharist Preparation Kit, God’s Gift:  Reconciliation, and Confirmed in the Spirit, all published by Loyola Press.  Students also learned about character and safety from RCL Benziger’s Family Life series, as mandated by the Archdiocese of Baltimore.  All texts meet the curriculum guidelines set by the USCCB and the Archdiocese of Baltimore. 

We met for 19 classes before the pandemic stopped in-person meetings.  Families were given digital versions of the Gospel Weeklies to use for the missing classes, as well as Messages that Protect to fill in any gaps from missed Family Life lessons.  Faith Formation students presented the Stations of the Cross on Facebook on April 10th.  Starting at noon on Good Friday, a station created by students was shared every fifteen minutes.        

All Sacraments had been scheduled after in-person Masses were suspended the evening of March 14th.  We will celebrate the Confirmation of six students on Saturday, November 7th.  First Communion will be celebrated on November 14th for five students.  Reconciliation is on hold currently.

Approximately 25 preschoolers, Kindergarteners, and first graders took part in Children’s Liturgy of the Word, averaging six students per session.  Our largest group had 13 children one week in October!  Seven adult volunteers (assisted by five student helpers) worked with the children during the Liturgy of the Word during Mass on Faith Formation Sundays.  The group discussed the readings, prayed together, and made a craft pertaining to the Gospel each Sunday. 

On March 22nd, CLOW moved to Facebook with weekly videos with crafts and activities.  Videos were approximately fifteen to twenty minutes long with the Gospel reading from the Children’s Lectionary, a short reflection, and a craft using materials most students would have at home.

The Tri-Church Youth Group met on the third Sunday of the month starting in September.  Students in grades 5-12 were invited, and five Corpus Christi students attended the group meetings.  Each 2 ½ hour meeting began with dinner, games, and small and large group discussions around a theme for the night.  Meetings moved to a virtual format for March , April, May, and June.

We continue to look for ways to engage the youth of the parish in activities to help them grow both spiritually and in service. 

Announcements From Our Pastor 11/22/2020

    Dear Parishioners,

     This weekend is the Solemnity of Christ the King.  This weekend the Church Universal celebrates the last Sunday of the Liturgical Year.  What does that mean?  Well, next weekend we begin the new liturgical year with the First Sunday of Advent.

     This weekend will be the last time that we use the Cycle A Scripture Readings – no more will the Gospel be from Matthew.  Next weekend we will start Cycle B and we will be listening to the Gospel of Mark.

     It is good for us to change each year.  For listening to a different Gospel can give us a different perspective on the person of Jesus Christ.

     So this weekend, we rejoice with Matthew’s Christ and we are invited to follow his footsteps – to care for the poor, the hungry, the thirsty, the naked, the homeless and all who are in need now and always.   

.                                                     Peace!

                                                       Fr. Marty.

Announcements From Our Pastor 11/15/2020

Dear Parishioners,

      Next weekend, our 2nd Collection will be an Archdiocesan collection.  It will benefit the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.  It is a nationwide campaign – all the dioceses and archdioceses participate in this collection.

     It is important to remember that all the money collected within our archdiocese will eventually stay within the archdiocese.  The money will benefit various programs that will benefit the poor, the needy and so many other worthy causes.

    So I am urging all of you to give to this 2nd collection – money from our 2nd collection this week will benefit this worthy cause as well.  

.                                                     Peace!

                                                       Fr. Marty.

Announcements from Our Pastor 11/8/2020

Dear Parishioners,

     The excitement of the Presidential elections is over.  Now it is time for us to begin to get excited about the upcoming Liturgical celebration – the Solemnity of Christ the King, which ends our Liturgical Year – the beginnings of the Holy Season of Advent at the end of November, which begins a new Liturgical year and the celebration of Christmas and its surrounding feasts.

      It is hard to believe that all these celebrations are just around the corner.  Wow, it seems like just yesterday we were beginning the New Year 2020.  Soon we will be entertaining the New Year 2021.

     Unfortunately, unless some major things change in our world, these ending liturgical celebrations will be different that those of the past years. Masks, social distancing when in-person and Zoom are the by-words of this year’s celebrations

     Regardless of all of this, let’s attempt to make all these celebrations joy filled, sacred events. 

.                                                     Peace!

                                                       Fr. Marty.

Announcements From Our Pastor 10/25/2020

    Dear Parishioners,

     As I have said over the past several weekends, we must go out and vote. We can make a difference – but in order to do that all of us need to go out and vote.  If we wish to see changes in our political government, we must exercise the right we have to vote.  I cannot tell you who to vote for – but change comes about by all of us exercising our right to vote.   

      Please don’t just talk about it but do it – vote either through the mail or in-person – but just vote.  It is the grave responsibility of every citizen of these United States.

     VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!    

.                                                     Peace!

                                                       Fr. Marty.

Announcements From Our Pastor 10/18/2020

    Dear Parishioners,

     I cannot say it too often or stress it too much – please make sure that you vote this year!!!!!  Of all the years since I have begun to vote 50 years ago, this year is the most important and the most crucial election for all of us and for our nation.       

     Seriously, the welfare of our nation depends upon this election.  Please take this election seriously. Let us show America and the powers-that-be that we live in a democracy not a dictatorship – that we have a voice – a strong voice – our vote.  And so, let us use that voice- that vote – to make a difference.  So Vote! Vote! Vote!

.                                                     Peace!

                                                       Fr. Marty.

Announcements From Our Pastor 10/11/2020

    Dear Parishioners,

     And the pandemic goes on!!!  I do hope that all of you are doing well.  I hope that none of you have contracted the coronavirus.  By the way, if you have please let the parish know – fear not, I will not share the information with anyone.

     I know that many more are participating in Sunday Mass on Zoom than are coming in-person.  I want to encourage those people on Zoom to consider coming back to church.  We have blocked off pews – the pews are sanitized each week, as well as the bathroom.  Everyone wears a mask – including me. I have recently been tested and tested negative.

     So over the next several weeks I would hope that you might think about when you might come back to church in-person.   

.                                          Peace!

                                                 Fr. Marty.

Announcements From Our Pastor 10/4/2020

Dear Parishioners,

       We are still dealing with Covid-19 unfortunately.  As a result, Meetings this month will take place via ZOOM, so as to protect the members of the committees from exposure and also the pastor as well.

      I was tested recently for Covid-19.  I had been tested in May and I felt that it would be good for me to be tested again now that I was back from vacation in Ocean City.  I am happy to tell you that I am negative for Covid-19, once again.  Thanks be to God!

.                                          Peace!

                                                 Fr. Marty.