Dear Sisters and Brothers,


Every year we hear the words that the angels proclaimed on the night that Jesus was born.  Every year we lift our voices to sing these words as we celebrate the person of Jesus.  Every year we celebrate with joy and rejoicing that Jesus, who came so long ago, continues to live and dwell in our midst.


Every year, however, we must situate the celebration of this feast within the context of the time we live in. This year, we might wonder, as we did last year, how can we rejoice – how can we be joyful – how can we celebrate – in view of the fact that we continue to  live in a nation and a world that is divided – in view of the fact that violence of every sort seems to be raising its ugly head every week in our world, our nation and our city – in view of the fact that a great number of men, women and children are still suffering as a result of natural disasters in this nation and all over the world– in view of the fact that many immigrants and refugees still know not whether they will be able to stay here or not – in view of the fact that justice and equality does not seem to touch the lives of all in our nation and in our city.  So, what are we to do?

We, like those Christmas angels, must sing of hope – hope that the world’s darkness can and will be overcome by the light of the Incarnate Son of God.  We, like those Christmas angels, must rejoice and be joy-filled – rejoice that goodness, kindness, forgiveness and peace continue to be present in our world in spite of the many challenges.  We, like those Christmas angels, must be filled with love –a love that knows no bounds – a love that embraces each and every person, regardless of who they might be.  When we, like those Christmas angels, sing of hope, are joy-filled and rooted in love, then, and only then, will we realize that God’s Promise has been fulfilled – Emmanuel — God-is-truly-with-us.

Thank you for your continued support of Corpus Christi Catholic Church through your giving of your time, your talents and your treasure. I ask that  you be especially generous during this Christmas season.

May God grace you and yours during this holy and beautiful season!


Fr. Marty