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Welcome to Corpus Christi Church and

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We are a vibrant community committed to celebrating our faith in Jesus Christ in the Roman Catholic tradition. We practice our faith by worshipping with joy and calling, addressing issues of social justice, supporting families with children, promoting women’s leadership, reaching out to gay and lesbian Catholics, and extending hospitality to all who seek a welcoming home in the Roman Catholic Church.

Located in the heart of the Bolton Hill historic district, Corpus Christi draws parishioners from throughout the Baltimore Metropolitan Region. Our members are attracted to our relatively small size (approximately 162 households), our hospitality, and our compassionate approach to ministry.

We look forward to welcoming you to Corpus Christi Church.

Mass Schedule

Sunday, doors open at 10:15 am for Mass at 10:30 am. In-person and live-streamed via ZOOM

Monday, Wednesday and Friday doors open at 12:00 pm for Mass at 12:10 pm. This is in-person only

Saturday, doors open at 3:50 pm for Mass at 4:00 pm. This is in-person only

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Deadline for Filing a Claim Is May 31, 2024 

It is important that we make this announcement of the closing date for the time period for when individuals can file a claim. This is a requirement of the courts that parishes and schools inform its community. 

– The notices are required by the courts to be sure the public is sufficiently notified that the Archdiocese has filed for Chapter 11 reorganization and that a date has been set by which people wishing to file a claim must do so. 

– The notice requirements set by the court specifically pertains to parishes and schools. 

– Parishes and schools have not filed for Chapter 11 reorganization, only the Archdiocese has. 

– People wishing to file can find more information about doing so at www.archbalt.org

– The Archdiocese opted to file for Chapter 11 reorganization so that it can both help compensate victim-survivors and continue the Church’s ministries. 

– We join the Archdiocese in praying for those harmed by ministers of the Church and in maintaining the Church’s commitment to preventing abuse and protecting children and other vulnerable individuals.